“as I descended the stairs it felt like I was leaving London behind me and entering a world only Tolkien would imagine were he to have written adult fantasy

“All I heard were happy voices. I watched with soul refreshing enjoyment as people laughed and hugged, talked and joked in the rooms so perfectly laid out to allow this kind of freedom from monotony”


Each room invites a different sensory experience as you immerse yourself in the space.

Wellness, relaxation, connection

Rest your pot of herbal tea on a low table as you recline on a soft mattress surrounded by cushions.

Bask in the afterglow of your experiences here or use the space for relaxing and connecting with each other.

Why not try some massage or meditation in the warmth of this soothing space?

Studio 1 is hired out to therapists who want a space to work one-to-one with their clients. Rates and a booking link for hiring Studio 1 are available on request from hello@centaurstudios-hackney.com

For guests hiring the Centaur Suite for professional sessions, film/photography, or for a private event, Studio 1 is a perfect chillout space.

The room can be set up with either futons, or a massage table, depending on how you want to use it.

This really is a versatile space, which works well as a photographic studio for portraits, since the walls are white and the room benefits from natural light.

There are also soft matts on the floor and two suspension points in the ceiling if you wish to use the space for rope tying practise.

Studio 1

Send your consciousness into the cosmos to meet the Cosmic Goddess

“Others stood in the room with all the toys in it, discussing kink and fantasising about how the toys could best be used” – Claire

Do you see yourself on the silver and black throne?

Or perhaps you are opposite, hanging partially suspended by your wrists?

Whatever fantasy you bring to life, you will be watched over by the moon and the stars.

The Cosmic Goddess room is our equipped BDSM studio. Here is where you will find a delightful selection of BDSM furniture, toys, and equipment.

This is a versatile room for you to move some of the key pieces around to suit your desired use of the space.

We will be happy to guidance on the safe operation of the suspension frame and help you set the scene.

As with all of the studios, there are two tracks of LED lights that can be set to display whatever colours you would like, and if you are using the space for a photo/video shoot, we have additional lighting available that you can move around the space to get the perfect shot.

THE Cosmic Goddess Room

The Horned God is the guardian of the woodland and welcomes all creatures

Come here to be guided into a relaxed and playful state. We have a selection of lawn games for you to play with your friends, and plenty of blankets and cushions for you to get comfortable with. Adjust the coloured lights to suit your mood and enjoy the simple pleasure of playing in a soft environment where you can feel all of your body.

This studio makes a wonderful gathering space for group work and social events, and for accessing your primal nature by getting down on all fours and frolicking with your fellow creatures. You will also find a suspension point in the ceiling, for those who wish to be restrained under the gaze of the Horned God.

Horned God Woodland Room

Look your best

“A gorgeous dressing room painted in playful pink and white candy striping complete with a glitzy lighted mirror, boudoir chairs and a rack boasting a lovely array of glamorous outfits for cross dressing and just general dressing up” – TANIA

If you’re are having a photoshoot, you will certainly appreciate having a space to spread out in while you transform yourself with make-up and outfits. You can even borrow some of ours!

We have a fun selection of outfits you can try on, and a huge Hollywood mirror for you to capture your reflection and perfect your aesthetic.

This room is for pampering, preening, and playing Princess in. Two people can fit side by side seated in front of the mirror, or perhaps you’d like to arrange the chairs in such a way that allows for foot worship, rope-tying or other forms of play.

You’ll feel like a million dollars in our Dressing Room.

The Dressing Room

Gothic drama

If a Vampire had a boudoir, it would look like the Castle room.

Step into the soft darkness of this space and imagine that you are in the tallest tower of a mysterious castle.

Whether you want to use this room for your boudoir shoot, or for some other mischief, you will find plenty in the Castle Room to inspire you.

A luxurious leatherette bed overlooks two isolation zones, for tormenting and teasing your captive/s.

There are 3 rings on plates that can be used for restraints in both the isolation area behind the metal gate, and in the coffin box at the back.

Hidden away in the bed are two power-points for your gadgets!

The Castle Room