“This is not a studio. This is not a building. This is a world unlike any I have been in before.”


Step into the worlds we have created for photo shoots, filming, professional sessions, workshops, and private kink play.

Our fully equipped dungeon for hire is in Hoxton E2, just a stone’s throw away from vibrant Shoreditch and arty Columbia Road, which are ideal places for you to browse indie shops, admire local artwork, grab a bite to eat, enjoy a coffee or a cocktail.

Centaur Studios Hackney has been described as a “place to go for learning, connecting and having fun with others in the wonderful BDSM Community”.

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You will find ample facilities for your work, rest, and play at Centaur Studios. Read on for details of what furniture, equipment and toys are available.

Each piece of furniture has been curated for you to feel good interacting with it. Some of our statement pieces include our impressive throne chair, and an antique chaise lounge. We have mixed colours and textures together to stimulate your senses and provide novelty.

From heavy metal stainless steel chains to the soft artificial grass, there are many possible scenes you can imagine and create for your art or play.

Indeed, even our coffee table can be used! Before we gave it a new home, the coffee table was used in a play at Southwark Playhouse, which is why it has a reinforced top to take the weight of humans dancing on it.

Please note this is a strictly non-smoking venue.

Getting it just right

We understand that you might want to move some furniture and equipment around to suit your needs.

Please let us know what your requirements are and we will help you to get the set-up just right for what you want.


Key pieces of furniture and equipment include:

  • Chesterfield armchair
  • Leather couch
  • Reinforced coffee table
  • Futon
  • Massage table
  • Throne chair
  • Spanking bench
  • Pegging sling/sex swing
  • Overhead suspension spreader bar
  • Multiple attachment points
  • Chaise lounge
  • Leatherette bed
  • Caged isolation area with attachment points
  • Isolation box with attachment point
  • Hollywood make-up mirror

Photo opportunities

The individual and striking pieces of furniture we have curated provide you with plenty of opportunities for imaginative photos. Will you sit in the garden? Or are you more likely to pose in the Dressing Room?


We have a selection of custom made and other quality toys for you to play with, including:

  • A variety of floggers
  • Paddles
  • Suspension ankle and wrist cuffs
  • Pinwheels and other sensation toys
  • Cotton rope
  • Blindfolds
  • Collars
  • Leashes
  • Puppy mitts and masks
  • Full enclosure leather sleep sack
  • Chains
  • Velcro strap restraints
  • Lawn games
  • Dressing up outfits, wigs and lingerie

There is also a fully stocked safer sex cupboard with average sized condoms, water-based lube, and nitrile gloves. You should bring your own condoms and lube if you have specific preferences.

We do not provide insertable toys. You may do any kind of penetration play here, but please bring your own toys for this.


You enter Centaur Studios via the street entrance on Hackney Road and find yourself in just over 1,000sqft of space contained mostly within the basement, which is made up of 5 themed studios. At the bottom of the stairs is an area for you to hang coats, leave shoes and bags.

The invitation is for you to immerse yourself in the otherworldly atmosphere we have created by removing your outdoor shoes and feeling the grass beneath your feet. Once you make your way through the next door you will find yourself in the corridor from which you can explore the studios.

There is a walk-in shower room with fresh towels for you to use, separate WC, garden lounge area, and another lounge area in the kitchen. In the kitchen you can make yourselves teas, coffees, and soft drinks. There is a microwave for heating up food. You are welcome to bring your own drinks to enjoy, which you can chill in our fridge and serve in our glasses. There is gas central heating so it can be warmed easily and we benefit from natural light in the kitchen area, which has windows concealed by thick black velvet curtains. There are bamboo rugs underfoot and a selection of BDSM and sexuality related books for you to browse.


“There’s a corridor through the building with lots of exciting little rooms leading off it and a kitchen area and shower at the end” – Tania